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[Download 100%] – The main twist of Ponni Ke Selvan… was overlooked

If you notice the squat actress Trisha, Selvan fans of Ponni forget to notice the turning point in the song scene. Let us know what is the matter…

The song ‘Rakshas Mamane’ from Ponni Ke Selvan will be the first scene of Kundavayan Trisha. Vandiyadevan Karthi will dance as Kamasan in this song.

Suspecting that he is the one who came alone and caused riots at Tanjore Palace and Sambuvariar Haveli in Kadampur, Trisha keeps a close watch on him.

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During this scene, Ashwin, who appears as Senthan Amudhan, will meet and talk to Trisha and Sempianmadevi. This is one of the most important scenes of Ponni’s Selvan. But due to the interest of the fans in Trisha, this scene could not be discussed much.

This means that there are significant close ties between Sembion Mathevi and Senthan Amuthan. Those who have read the novel may know this detail, but those who have not read the novel may not. Selvan of Santa Amuthan Ponni, who does not live in the palace and serves Lord Shiva, will be the main character in the second part of the story.

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In the scene of the song Rakshasa Mamne, Senthan Amuthan looks at his mother Sempianmadevi with affection. But the fans only saw Trisha. In such a situation, while sharing this scene on Twitter, a netizen expressed his apprehension as an important scene which the fans forgot to notice.

Ashwin, who plays the role of Senthan Amudhan, retweeted it saying, ‘Everybody is busy watching Kundavai. Because of this I am not getting a chance to see more Sempianmadevi’, he said in a sarcastic tone.

According to Ponni’s Selvan novel, who will rule Chola Nadu for the next 15 years after Prakashraj, who appears as Sundar Chola in the film? The next episode will surely give an answer as to what twist Senthan Amuthan is going to create.

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