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[Download 100%] – The Paleo Diet That Killed the Serial Actor’s Wife…Nutrition

The death of serial actor Bharat Kalyan’s wife Priya had created a stir in the small screen community yesterday. Priya, who was on a Paleo diet, had diabetes. He was in a coma for a few days and died yesterday without treatment.

In today’s fast paced world, many people who do not find time to exercise, they want to lose weight by following diets like paleo diet, low carb diet, keto diet, vegetarian diet. But sometimes it becomes their faith. If so, then the question must be arising in your mind that how to lose weight. Apart from this, we also had a question whether people in India can follow the Paleo diet. We asked nutritionist Sadhna Rajkumar about this.

The caveman diet known as Paleo has caught the attention of the younger generation. Now none of us are in the cave. We live at home. On average, this type of diet existed in caves 10,000 years ago. He ate the flesh of the animals he hunted and broke some roots. Whatever fruit he had grown, he plucked it and ate it. He didn’t eat 3 times a day like us. He ate only when he felt hungry and when he went hunting.

Now our body is not like a cave. Everything is changed. To explain to today’s generation, the version of our body has been updated. His digestive system is different, ours is different. He at what he had hunted. They didn’t order and eat at home like us. The life span of caves is very short. His life will end at the maximum age of 25 years. Today, for many people, life begins only after the age of 30. To date, the average human life expectancy is 69 years. So remember we are not in the Stone Age.

Bharathi Kannamma serial actor’s wife dies on paleo diet

We need 30 calories every hour. It comes from carbohydrates. In my experience the first people who come to me for advice say they eat 4-5 cups of rice porridge. But now there is none like that. Everyone, whether physically active or in white-collar jobs, now consumes very little carbohydrates. As everyone is used to living with AC, so much energy is not needed.

Our diet is a high-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, low-fat diet as per the Indian Dietary Guidelines. That is, 60-70% of our diet is starch, 10-15% protein and finally fat. These are measurements of the foods we consume. It cannot be immediately switched to a high-fat diet.

A paleo diet includes more meat. There are many differences between raw and cooked steak. It is high in saturated fat. Only 15 grams of this type of fat can be eaten per day.

There are three types of fat, namely saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. These three should be eaten together. Especially in this saturated fat, our body needs only the right amount. But the paleo diet increases fat. The liver processes fat. When you eat too much fat, you increase the work of the liver. Any part of the body can only perform the work assigned to it by nature. Just like humans work overtime, their organs shouldn’t.

People on the Paleo diet tend to consume more total fat. It is high in calories. But how does insulin come about? As far as Bharat Kalyan’s wife Priya is concerned, her sugar level has deteriorated and reached a state called ketosis. Ketones are important for the body to use stored fat as energy. As ketones increase, dehydration can occur. As a result, the body gradually moves to the next state of exhaustion, confusion, coma. Apart from this, there will be many changes to change the growth. It can eventually be life threatening.

Nutritionist Sadhna Rajkumar

That’s why low-carb diets always make you tired. For people on the Paleo diet, the body uses protein, not carbohydrates, for energy. Excess glucose, which is stored as glycogen in the muscles, will also be used for energy. This reduces muscle fat and reduces body weight. Because of this, some people are interested in losing weight faster in Paleo than other diets, such as 2 Minute Maggi.

Those on the low-carbohydrate diet experienced increased fatigue. Paleo abstains from dairy products. Similarly cereals like rice, ragi and bajra are not eaten. But milk, ragi etc are rich in calcium. Vitamin D is absorbed by the body only when calcium is present. Without calcium in your body, even if you stand in front of the sun in the morning or evening, the body will not absorb vitamin D. Therefore, people with Paleo are more likely to develop bone-related problems. Soon you will have to face problems like joint pain and bone fractures.

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Eating too much meat on Paleo can lead to heart problems. Excess intake of protein can also cause kidney problems. Too much saturated fat is harmful to the heart and kidneys. Another thing is that when we eat too much meat, our bad bacteria increase. The bacteria inside us are the main reason we don’t live by what we eat. Good bacteria are our friends in this. But if bad bacteria increase then indigestion occurs. If there is a lot of bacteria in the stomach it will flush out the toxins. That too the caveman hunted the animals and ate them fresh. But we are not like that. We eat a lot of processed food.

So instead of following the diet of your ancestors who lived thousands of years ago, it is better to follow the diet of your grandparents,” nutritionist Sadhna Rajkumar explains to us about the Paleo diet.

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