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[Download 100%] – The Ultimate Poker Variant Guide: Top 5 Poker Games

Whenever we start playing a game, it is important to learn the basics and rules of the game. Once we learn what are the basic rules of that particular game, we can plan our strategies accordingly. Games like poker where we have to use our skills are gaining popularity these days. Certain apps have started offering different types of poker variants on their platform. The bluff card game is also one of the popular games that are equally fun because they can be played with friends where you have to bluff them to get rid of your cards.

Let us see what are the various types of poker games you can enjoy with your friends. To play the different poker variants, you can download the most-loved in the country ie GetMega.

Top 5 variants of poker


Texas hold ’em poker is one of the most famous and most played variants of poker. Since the year 2000, it has been observed that the popularity of Texas hold’em is touching heights. Numerous apps and websites offer this game of poker. It is also one of the most advertised or endorsed variants of poker. Not only pro players, but many amateur or new players also start playing this variant of poker.


Omaha Hi-Lo is also known as Omaha High-Low. This variant of poker is also played as an Alternative to Texas hold’em poker. In this variant of poker, the pot is split between two or more players. Just like every game of poker, Omaha Hi-Lo is also based on winning hands. If you also wish to try this variant of poker then learn all the basic rules of the game first.


5 card draw is one of the simplest variants of poker. Because of its simplicity, it is the variant that is played mostly by new players. It helps them understand the concept of poker. However, this variant of poker is famous for playing inside the home rather than at the casino or tournaments. In this variant of poker, each player has to deal with five cards each. Each round has to follow betting rules as well.


Chinese poker is a unique poker alternative that is not similar to the other. Chinese poker is also based on hand rankings. If the player is already aware of the traditional poker rules then this variant of poker would be easy for them. This variant of poker is fun because it is simple for everyone to learn and understand the rules and concepts of the game. The victory in Chinese poker is also sometimes based on luck as well.


7-card stud is a variant of stud poker. The variation is also called the Down-The-River or Seven-Toed Pete. Before Texas hold ’em poker’s massive popularity, the 7-card stud was the most popular variant of poker. The main goal for each player is to win the pot so that they can win that round.

What is a bluff card game?

Those players who wish to play card games just for fun and not for money can try playing bluff card games. It is a game that is quite famous among offline card game players.

In this game, players have to compete against each other while they focus on how they can get rid of their cards by bluffing other players.

Players who play bluff card games should play with proper concentration not only on themselves but on their opponents as well.

Players have to focus on their opponent as well so that they can figure out whether their opponent is bluffing or not!

How to learn poker rules

As we all know, the rules and terms of poker are quite difficult to understand and learn. Many new players find it difficult to learn the basics of poker. To help such players, poker charts and cheat sheets are available. These sheets and charts are available in pictorial form as well in chart form. To understand the various difficult terms of poker, poker lingo is the best option to go with. For other things, players can take help from, hand ranking sheets, cheat sheets for playable hands, and much more.

Platforms like GetMega are gaining a lot of popularity because of their various new features which attract players to them. More than a million people have registered themselves on the GetMega app where they enjoy classic card games like rummy and poker. Players can compete against real players and participate in various tournaments as well. Winners will win a chance to redeem so many cash prizes which they can safely transfer to their bank accounts. You can install the GetMega app on your devices and start playing on it!

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