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[Download 100%] – Things never said in Sardar in Tamil cinema

The film’s heroine Rashi Khanna has given an interview that such things were never said in Tamil cinema in Sardar.

In an exclusive interview with News18 TV, he said-

As a kid, I did IAS. I wanted to become an officer. I got involved in modeling while studying in college. My coming to the cinema happened like an accident.

My friend was trying to act in a movie. I went to Mumbai to audition with him. We both auditioned. After that I was selected to act in Madras Cafe.

After that I worked in South Indian films. Everything went unplanned. I didn’t expect the kind of reception I would get in Tamil cinema. I want to make a period film. That film should be like Ponni Ki Selvan.

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When director Mithun narrated the story of Sardar, I liked the script. BS Mithun is an intellectual director. I am amazed to see his iron screen film.

There are things in Sardar which were never told in Tamil cinema. You will know this after watching the film. Female characters will be given a lot of importance in Mithun’s film. My character in this film impressed me a lot.

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I have many friends beyond the film industry. There are some differences between Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema. Language and culture are also different.

I think women are given more importance in the film industry after the advent of ODT. I also love doing village stories. He said this.

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