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[Download 100%] – Tony Kakkar To Perform With DJ Lalit In Pune. Here’s All You Need To Know

Image Source : INSTAGRAM Tony Kakkar to perform with DJ Lalit in Pune

Tony Kakkar to perform with DJ Lalit in Pune: We have lately seen a rise of artists and creative professionals in the music industry. Thanks to the tech innovations, India has witnessed a robust growth of music artists. Carving a name in this highly competitive space, DJ Lalit has earned tremendous recognition among everyone. Originally known as Lalit Kudle, the Pune-based music artist has performed at top events, shows, weddings, clubs and pubs all over India. DJ Lalit considers his journey a learning experience, and he has shared the stage with well-known names from the music industry. 

The talented DJ is now set to enthral the audience with music sensation Tony Kakkar. He will be seen performing with ‘Dheeme Dheeme’ fame at The Millers Homebar in Pune. Along with Tony Kakkar, he will also share the stage with Ankit Rohida. Entertaining the audience is what DJ Lalit loves the most, and he is quite overwhelmed to perform at the opulent club in the city. He says, “Music makes me feel lively, and that’s the kind of experience I want to serve my audience. I love experimenting with musical tunes and making people groove to it.”

Hailing from a middle-class family, Lalit was passionate about music since he was 17. Besides being a DJ, he earlier expressed his desire to become a music producer. As an artist, he has always welcomed creativity and versatility. “It is important to bring uniqueness to work. Merely repeating the same work can become boring, and I believe to always stand out with my work”, revealed the DJ. 

As far as making music is concerned, DJ Lalit was unsure to try his stint as a music producer. However, his trap song titled ‘Walk Away’ was released earlier in May which got a terrific response from the party enthusiasts. The song was in collaboration with Iqqanve & DJ Shad India, and was released across all major music platforms. When asked how he aims to utilize his creativity, DJ Lalit said that he would love to try his hands on different genres of music. Over the years, he has honed his skills by learning different forms of music and instruments. 

“I feel that the music should be able to create a vibe that can enlighten anyone’s mood”, DJ Lalit further added. Besides his performance with Tony Kakkar, the DJ has got various other tracks in the pipeline that will be released soon. He had recently performed in different Indian cities like Hyderabad, Goa and Jodhpur for different events. With his upcoming event, DJ Lalit is all set to make everyone drool to his foot-tapping musical beats.

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