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[Download 100%] – Val Chmerkovskiy reveals he did Gabby’s hair for ‘DWTS’ premiere

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Image credit: ABC / Eric McCandless

dancing with the stars Professionals wear several hats week after week. They are coaches, artists, contestants and sometimes, hairstylists! Val Chmerkovskiy opened for in an EXCLUSIVE interview about how he balances it all, and even shared what he did with his partner Gabby WindyHair for this season’s premiere episode. “I say to all my partners at the start of the season, I’m going to wear a lot of hats, but our time in this space is really divided into two main roles – I’m your coach and I’m your teacher in the first part of the week, and then I become your partner, your date, your equal, really,” Val told HL. “I tell them, I hope you are now held accountable to the same standard to which I am holding myself accountable. Because of that change of responsibilities, it can be stressful. Let me make it very clear, I It’s going to be challenging sometimes, and I really, really want to thank you in advance, for your patience with me.”

Val Chmerkovskiy reveals he did Gabby's hair for 'DWTS' premiere
Gabby and Val perform on ‘DWTS’. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Val continued, “At the end of the day, no matter what hat I wear, we’re two guys who are pretty much the same age, about the same age and the respect that’s in that room is mutual, as his coach. regardless of my situation. or partner or something.” Supporter said he has “extreme respect” for the former Bachelorette star, watching “courage” had to turn it dancing with the stars in the first place. “I am his safe place in all of this as well. I am his liaison and guide for this world and I take that role very seriously,” he said.

The pair make a stunning debut before the two-night event dancing with the stars This week. Val and Gabby received a straight nine from the judges for their spectacular foxtrot to “If the World Should Ever Stop” by JP Cooper. “We accelerated really fast this week, so I think this will be our most challenging yet,” Val told HL before the performance.

Val Chmerkovskiy reveals he did Gabby's hair for 'DWTS' premiere
Gabby and Val on ‘DWTS’. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

To-be father recalls a moment before his first performance with Gabby DWTS Season 23 premiere, when she did her hair! “One thing that I think the people of the house don’t know is that we are partly their creative directors as well. I make sure her clothes fit, I’m at her all fitting, things that people don’t realize,” Val revealed. “I think our hair and makeup team is pretty incredible, but the first episode, Things were very busy and some things took off, and I did Gabby’s final hair for her. I brought it to the trailer and put it in a bun the way I wanted it, and off we went. ,

Val explained that growing up in the professional dance world prepared him for the big stage, high-pressure arena. DWTS. “We booked our flights, we checked into hotels, we rhinestones ourselves in our shirts, dresses and shoes. I grew up with a woman not being taboo or awkward to be teammates. We were together Losers, we won together, we would eat ramen together abroad, and would not be able to buy anything,” he reminded. “Those are the things I now take with me to shows. I have the same approach on the show irrespective of the competition. I walked from the lobby of Connecticut to the biggest stage in the world. It does not make a difference that. That’s my way.”

Val Chmerkovskiy reveals he did Gabby's hair for 'DWTS' premiere
‘DWTS!’ Gabby and Val (ABC/Eric McCandless)

in tune dancing with the stars For an exclusive second episode of Dance Marathon, tonight at 8 pm ET on Disney+, watch Val Chmerkowski and Gaby Windy have crushes in the ballroom once again!

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