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[Download 100%] – Vikram Pa Ranjith Film Vikram 61 Film Worship Program: Pa Ranjith

Actors Vikram and GV Prakash refrained from wearing Vibhuti during puja for Vikram’s upcoming film directed by Pa Ranjith.

After Ponni’s Selvan and Cobra, Vikram will star in the film directed by Vikram Baa Ranjith. The film, which will be his 61st film, has been produced by Gyanvel Raja. The puja took place in Chennai today.

Lawrence met Rajinikanth and congratulated him… this is the reason!

Actor Shivakumar joined as a special guest. Similarly the film crew Vikram, P. Ranjith, music director GV Prakash, choreographer Sandy and many others also participated. The priest held Vibhuti and garlanded the group participating in this puja. At that time actor Vikram politely refused to ask the priest who had offered Vibhuti to everyone. It is noteworthy that he is a follower of Christianity.

Vikram 61 Pooja

Similarly, composer GV Prakashum asked the priest not to play Vibhuti. But choreographer Sandy asked Vibhuti to perform for him. Director P. Ranjit was enjoying watching these events with a small smile.

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