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[Download 100%] – What does Poker Face Means? And How useful it is in Bluff Game

Have you heard of the card game called Bluff? Of course you must have heard of it as it is one of the world’s most recognized and easiest card games. Among all the versions that exist of the card games, the Bluff card game is not only played everywhere in the world but is also enjoyed by all age groups as a chill pass time game as many people can play it together. This game is also known by other names like Cheat, Liar or I Doubt It, but in India, it is popular as Bluff. In case you are wondering why it is called Bluff? It is because that is how it is played in the first place. The main aim of this game is to bluff your way or lie in order to get rid of their cards without actually disclosing it to the opponents. You can play poker games on the GetMega app. Let us know more about the world’s most played game.

How to play Bluff?

The objective of this game, like any other card game, is to finish your cards before your opponents. The one who does it first is the winner. A dealer is a person who distributes the cards as evenly as possible among the players. Depending on the number of players, some may get extra cards but that is fine. Each player has to discard a card one by one according to their turn. The card they choose to discard can be of any, higher or lower rank, but while discarding the player is supposed to bluff or lie about the rank of the card. This is called bluffing. If the player is caught bluffing by the opponents, then he has to pick up all the cards from the discarded pile and play further. If the person calling out the bluff is wrong then he has to pick cards from the discarded pile. The game continues this way till one of the players discards all of their cards and wins.

Rules of the game

No matter how easy the game might be, it is always the trait of a good player to know the rules and regulations of the game well. Let us now go through the rules of the Bluff game. The most important rule is to play until all your cards are over. The Joker of a Bluff game is always true, so no matter what you bluff it and use it as, it is always considered true. A player on his turn has two options, to pass or play the turn. If you think the player is lying, then you have the choice to call them out by shouting “bluff” and letting them reveal what card they used. Here two things can happen, if the player you accused of lying actually is actually lying then they have to take the whole pile of discarded cards but if not then you have to take the pile and play the rest of the game.

What is Poker face? And its use in Bluff

Wondering what a Poker face means? It is nothing but the body language of the game. It is a trick that helps you in a deceiving game like Bluff. Since Bluff is all about actually bluffing, you need to be cunning in not only mannerisms but also observations. The first rule here is to control your eyes and not let them reveal anything to the opponents. It is always advised to avoid having expressions as sometimes your card or bluff can be revealed through it. Your mannerisms also reveal a lot at times, hence it is important to control them, for example, a slight smile or sitting up straight can also be an advantage to the opponents waiting to accuse you. Your voice also plays an important role in this matter, choose your words wisely and maintain composition. Lastly, keep a sharp eye for the above-mentioned mannerisms in your opponents. Observation is one of the most important tricks of this game.

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