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[Download 100%] – Where are we going actress Prakash Raj’s new post is going viral

Where are we going? A Twitter post posted by Prakashraj questioning Ashok Chinna Singha is now going viral.

Actor Prakashraj is constantly criticizing the activities of the BJP government at the Centre. BJP supporters are answering this

Such incidents are happening every day on the social networking site Twitter. Meanwhile, in the new Parliament building, the national emblem, 4 lions, has been erected on a grand scale. There has been criticism that their faces are different from the old lion and this is not correct.

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It has been raised by various political leaders and celebrities. Opposition leaders have stated that the four-faced lion image of the Buddhist Sarnath pillar of Ashoka was chosen as the emblem of the Government of India and is still used on coins and other government seals, and that the current Ashoka emblem has lions. The faces are strange. As such, he has raised doubts that the design does not appear to have occurred naturally.

On this BJP supporters are replying that lions will be very aggressive in Modi’s new India.

So what is actor Prakashraj going to do by releasing old photos and new pictures of the faces of Ram, Anumar and the four lions in the Ashoka symbol? He has questioned this.

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His post is going viral on Twitter and BJP supporters and opponents are commenting on his Twitter account.

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