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image credit: splashnews
  • DH Peligro was a drummer who played for The Dead Kennedys and other bands.
  • He died in October at the age of 63. 28.
  • His death was announced by The Dead Kennedys on Instagram.

DH Peligrodrummer for dead Kennedys, died on October at the age of 63. 28. The band announced the sad news on Instagram and revealed that he had passed away at their Los Angeles, CA home. He also included a smiling black and white photo of him behind the drum set.

“Dead Kennedys drummer DH Peligro (Darren Henley) died yesterday, October 28, at his Los Angeles home,” the statement read. “Police said on the spot that he died of head injury due to accidental fall. Arrangements are pending and will be announced in the coming days. We want you to respect the privacy of the family during this difficult time. Yours Thanks for the thoughts and words of comfort.”

DH Peligro
DH is playing drums. (splashnews)

DH’s cause of death has not yet been released but according to tmz, he was found dead in the bathroom of his house and had a head injury. It is not clear if the injury was fatal.

Learn more about DH and his work as a professional musician below.

When did DH start playing with The Dead Kennedys?

He joined the band in 1981 when he replaced his original drummer, tedHe recorded his debut with the band on the EP, In God We Trust, Inc., which was released in December. 1981. The EP led to several studio albums, including plastic surgery disaster, frankenchristAnd bedtime for democracyand single/rare collections, comfort me or give me deathBefore the band broke up in 1986.

They reunited in 2001 and the band’s members faced many changes but DH remained with them. He took a break from touring in 2008 but returned the following year to play and perform with the band, and remained until his death in 2022.

What other bands did DH play for?

DH Peligro
DH during another performance. (splashnews)

DH, whose birth name was Darren Henley, had played for several other bands, including red Hot Chili Peppersthey changed the drummer Jack Irons With the Chile Peppers in 1988, after being friends with the band for years. He also once did a comedy band with a singer. Anthony Kiedis and bassist bodyAfter playing with the band for some time that year and helping to write songs on their album, mother’s milk, the band fired him in November due to his struggles with drugs and alcohol. 1988.

Other bands he played in briefly over the years include The Hellions, jungle stud, nailbomb, feeders, lock-up, two free puppets, small industryeven more.

DH at one point in his career had his own band.

band, which . is called PeligroIn 1995 released three albums including a self-titled album, welcome to america in 2000, and the sum of our surroundings in 2004. The last album won Rock Album of the Year at the American Independent Music Awards.

He once worked with Moby.

DH teamed up with the renowned musician for the song “Power Is Taken” and it was included in Moby’s 2020 album. all visible objects,

He had a lovely dog ​​named Harry.

DH often takes to Instagram to share memorable people and moments in his and his dog’s life, To trouble, many of them were involved. She called the pooch her “best friend” in a post, and in May, she shared an adorable video of them taking a walk together.

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