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[Download 100%] – Who is Meera? What happened in Siddharth’s life?

The serial Pyara Hai is aired on Zee Tamil TV. When Siddharth is admitted to the hospital after a fight with Bommi and he faints, Meera mourns Meera. Confused by this, Bommi starts reading Siddharth’s diary to find out who Meera is.

At the same time, Tamanna teases that you will not stay here now. Bommi continues to read the diary without anyone knowing.

Siddharth’s friend says in the flashback that Shweta will take his number and trace him. Meera calls Siddharth and takes him to the park and says I love you is on the phone and Sidharth keeps wandering around to find out who he is.

Grandpa calls Bommi who is reading the diary, so Bommi closes the diary and sings the song sung by Meera. Siddharth listens and becomes Peel. Bommi sees this and starts reading the diary again.

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In the flashback, Shweta then reveals her love to Siddharth on Valentine’s Day and Siddharth scolds her by calling her Lusa. After calling Meera, Shweta introduces herself as Meera, but without knowing it, Siddharth looks for her. What will happen next? What will happen when Shweta comes to know that she is Meera? There are reports that the serial will proceed from the angle of the plot.

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