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[Download 100%] – YouTuber GP Muthu in Bigg Boss and his army ready in social media

Amidst high expectations, Bigg Boss season 6 hosted by actor Kamal Haasan begins today. It has been told that Tik Tok’s hero GP Muthu will participate in this.

GP Muthu has the highest fan following among the contestants participating in this season. No matter where you go on video platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, GP Muthu’s videos often trend there.

Since he is the most popular of the contestants of Bigg Boss 6, it is expected that the eyes of the entire Bigg Boss fans will be on him. Akmark Nelly will have fun at times scolding GP Muthu in Tamil for people who make fun of him. Sometimes GP Muthu automatically creates problems by speaking in double meanings.

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With his popularity, GP Film opportunities came in Muthu. However, despite getting money and fame, GP Muthu has not forgotten its fruits and is still giving his best as per his fans.

No one doubts that the opportunity of Bigg Boss will bring a big turning point in Muthu’s career, even if he gets a chance to film. Similarly, it is expected that GP Muthu will provide great entertainment to satisfy the fans of Bigg Boss.

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In this connection, an army has been formed for the attractive hero GP Muthu on social media. Oviya’s army made a huge impact on social media during the first season of Bigg Boss. So the GP In a few days time we will see what kind of promotion Muthu’s fan base is going to give him.

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