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[Download 100%] – zee tamil tv amudhavam annalakshmiyam serial update on today

Nagin by brother came theft, Marriage to stop Vadivelu says amuda too Annalakshmi too Today’s case Updates.

Amuda Aur Annalakshmi is a new serial aired on Zee Tamil TV. In this serial Senthil and Amuda are about to get married, Vadivelu is in debt and asks Amma to demand money from Chidambaram. But Annalakshmi hesitated to ask for money from Samanthi, so Vadivelu went straight to Chidambaram and threatened to hang himself at home if the money was not received.

But Chidambaram refused to give the money. At this time Nagu’s brother steals the money when he gets the call and goes out to talk on the phone. When Chidambaram returns and finds that the money is missing, he thinks that Vadivelu may have taken it and goes to tell Kumarasan about it and he takes them to Annalakshmi’s house for justice.

But Vadivelu swears by his father and says that I did not take the money. Annalakshmi tells Vadivelu that he will not take the money as he had swore an oath to his father.

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On the other hand, Amuda asks Senthil to teach him to ride a bike, and Senthil teaches him. At this time, Chidambaram is angry that he has been assigned the task of stealing, Vadivelu calls Senthil and asks him to call off the marriage with Amuda. Because of this, what decision is Senthil going to take? Today’s episode of Amuda and Annalakshmi will reveal whether Chidambaram will come to know that Vadivelu stole the money.

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