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[Download 100%] – zee tamil tv amudhavam annalakshmiyam serial update today

Amuda and Annalakshmi serial is aired on Zee Tamil TV. In today’s episode, dress up Amuda and Uma and take them to the hall in the procession

Nagu’s younger brother Kannan is somehow planning to get Amuda married.

Next, while the procession is underway, Kannan calls Nagu and tells him that he has a plan for Nagu. Uma and Palani get angry seeing Senthil and Amuda happily attending the procession.

They watch the police video to send a video of Durai beating by Senthil to the Palani police. Thereafter, Uma is happy to see Amuda at the car repair shop.

Chidambaram and Elango get down and push the car, Amuda is happy and Uma gets angry.

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Both the couple enter the hall, Chidambaram angrily scolds Gomathi for performing the aarti on the left side of the bride and groom, Annalakshmi performs the aarti and takes the bride and groom inside.

At the door of the hall, Senthil BA, B.Ed. Amuda gets happy seeing Ka’s name and Uma laughs wildly. What will happen next will be known in the coming episodes.

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