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[Download 100%] – zee tamil tv mari serial update today 22 september | Goddess

Mari is a serial aired on Zee Tamil TV. In today’s episode Deewana asks Surya to take good care of Mari and leaves the room saying where is Parvati Sujatha Sujatha? Parvati says why didn’t she call me in surprise saying that Mari’s mother and grandfather had come to ask why I didn’t call after so long.

Parvati calms down by saying that I did not wake you when you were sleeping because you went to the temple. Next, Arvind asks Tara for 50 lakhs to start a new business, Arvind says he has no money, ask Surya, why should he ask Surya, tell him the name of the stock market company, don’t invest in that company Wait six months and send him off.

Aravind became furious and told Shankarpandi that Shankar Pandi could steal Devi’s jewel and start a business with her and then keep the jewel as it is.

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Arvind immediately gets angry and beats Mari and Suriya sees this and says it was your mistake to kill him and apologize to Mari. What will Arvind do next? What will happen next will be known in the coming episodes.

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