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[Download 100%] – zee tamil tv mari serial update today 4 august

Mary’s on the feet fell down Jagdisho happened What? mari serial Today’s case Updates.

Mari is a serial aired on Zee Tamil TV. Pretending to be Radha, Shreeja hits the aarti plate on her and Mari is crying as she remembers that her saree is on fire and Surya is dousing it with milk.

Are you going to marry Shreeja and Surya, who have come to the temple at this time? Mari asks if she has agreed for the marriage and she says yes. Mari asks have you told everything true.

Did you tell me about the fact that a poor woman followed you? Mari asks why is she talking like this when Sreeja tells her that if she cheats in marriage, she will kill you if she finds out the truth. Go tell yourself the truth and stop this marriage. She challenges me to see how this marriage will go in spite of everything. Surya hears all this.

After that Surya went to the hospital to know about his father’s condition and the doctor had chest pain for the second time. He should watch it carefully. He says that if he gets chest pain again, it will be a threat to his life. So he goes to his father and vows that I will marry Mari as per your wish.

After that, Surya meets Mari and says I am not interested in this marriage, you and I will not have a clean set. He says I have studied abroad for ten years and you haven’t even studied in this city. I told my father that I would not understand this marriage and he got chest pain. So I have promised that I will get married, but you have to tell your father that you don’t want this marriage. If not then should not live in this city at the time of marriage, please save me from this problem. Mari also says okay I say I don’t like marriage.

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He then meets Jagdish who is in the hospital and tells him that he is not interested in this marriage and doesn’t know why, Jagdish should marry Surya. Surya did not ask you to do this marriage to give you Talibani. He falls at Mari’s feet and tells her about the danger of the sun that if he ties a plate around your neck, he can survive. Mari is shocked by this.

Will she say no to this marriage for the sake of Surya or will she say yes to this marriage to save Surya’s life, will be seen in the coming episodes.

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