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[Download 100%] – zee tamil tv vidya no 1 serial update

Vidya has no 1 serial on air with 8 twists, let’s see what will happen next 2 twists

In the third twist, Sanjay’s decision to put Vidya in danger, who goes to the tutorial by the teacher, adds to the story.

Sanjay, who got married without liking Vidya, the popular serial Vidya No. 1 aired on Zee Tamil TV, now understands and accepts Vidya’s love.

Thereafter, he decides to make Vidya his mother’s favorite girl and sends her to study where the teacher tries to teach you to write by saying that your handwriting is not correct.

What will be the problem for Vidya and Sanjay? There is also a stir in the upcoming episodes about what will happen to Vidya’s studies. Meanwhile, while preparations for the engagement of Sanjay’s younger sister Manasa are going smoothly, Vidya has gone to the beauty parlor, where Manasa’s groom has brought another girl.

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How do Vidya and Sanjay come to know about this? Will Manasa be stopped for sure? What decision will Shakuntala take because of this? Episodes from Angle are on air.

After these two twists, more twists will come in the coming episodes.

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