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Free Day 10, Shaleen will never be a captain again, know what else happened in these 15 highlights

 Bigg Boss 16 Day 10: Bigg Boss fought a lot between the contestants on the 10th day. In today’s episode, there was a dispute between other contestants including Shaleen. Shekhar Suman’s entry took place in the midst of this altercation. Where he sparked among the members with his segment “Big Bulletin”. Today the second captain of Bigg Boss season 16 was also selected. After which there was an earthquake in the house.

Let’s know what happened to the rest?

 1- The 10th day of Bigg Boss started with the Big Boss anthem. Soon after the contestants got up, the fight started in the house over Poha. After which Manya and Sreejita were fighting over this matter and Abdu was acting for everyone.

 2- Tina and Shaleen were talking to each other. In which Tina once again said, “You say something” to which Shaleen said, “I love you, I will not speak”. To which Tina said that everyone’s bond is visible here. Ankit and Priyanka also have a lot of evidence.”

3- Some contestants were sitting outside in the garden area. Where saundarya was sleeping. Abdu was awakening the saundarya by becoming Kukuduku with his cuteness. On which all the contestants started laughing.

 4- Went to the modest bedroom. Where Archana was resting. He told them that he is in dire need of chicken due to the medical condition. On which there was a fierce fight between Shaleen and Archana and the whole house got involved in this fight.

5- Once again Shekhar Sumanki’s entry took place in front of the TV. In which he started his segment. Whose name was “Big Bulletin” and the first contestant of that segment was Priyanka. Shekhar also asked that, with whom else did Ankit talk to before Nimrit. In which Priyanka took the names of other contestants including Manya, Soundarya and Tina.


 Fight between Archana and Soundarya over food

 6- There was a fierce fight between Archana and Soundarya over “Tofu”. To which Soundarya said, “I have to go out of this house” because “I can’t take it more”.

 Shaleen and Sumbul have a fight again

7- In the garden area, Tina and Shaleen were talking about Sumbul. Tina said to Shaleen, “Why don’t you go and ask Sumbul whether she likes you or not”. To which Shaleen said, “If he says yes then what will happen”. Shaleen immediately called Sumbul to her and said, “Stop behaving like you children” and Sumbul gets angry on this and starts crying.

 Bigg Boss removes Nimrit from the post of captain

8- All the contestants of Bigg Boss house were sitting in the living area. Where loud Kukuduku was played and this Kukuduku was played by Bigg Boss only for Captain Nimrit of the house. Because Nimrit is constantly breaking the rules. She was distributing chocolates to the contestants of the house. Along with this, Bigg Boss also reprimanded all the contestants for the mess of the house and snatched the captaincy of Nimrit from them.

Captain Task Begins

9- Bigg Boss gave the rest of the members a chance to become the captain. Where the first 2 contestants who play the gong will become the contenders for the captain. In which Shiva and Gautam became the contenders to become the captain. But Bigg Boss put its own twist in this and said that in the “Basket Task”, the contestants will put their personal belongings.

Gautam became the new captain of the house

11- Gautam became the new captain of the house due to the decision of Bigg Boss and operator Nimrit. But as soon as Gautam became the captain of the house, the fight started in the house. Shiva and Archana were fighting with Nimrit that his decision was wrong.

 Sajid took off his mic

 12- Sajid was getting very angry with Shaleen. Because of which he told Bigg Boss that, call me in the conference room and took off his mic. Shaleen told everyone that he did not push Archana and he was just sideways her. After which Sajid said in front of the camera that he cannot live with such an angry man.

 13- All the contestants had gathered in the living area. Where Bigg Boss said that Shaleen should be punished for his actions. After which Shaleen became uncontrollable with anger and started smoking cigarettes in the garden area. Due to which Vash Gautam said in front of the camera that, “Do not deserve to live in a decent house”.

14- Bigg Boss said that, Shaleen has not done this intentionally. That is why he was nominated for 2 weeks as a punishment and punished him for never becoming a captain in Bigg Boss season 16.

 Sajid tries to apologize to Shaleen

 15- Sajid was called to the conference room and it was told that, Shaleen did not do all this intentionally and Sajid apologized to Bigg Boss for his anger as well. After leaving the conference room, Sajid went to Shaleen to apologize. But Shaleen did not talk to him.

 Today’s episode was very interesting and full of spices. Let’s see what’s going to happen tomorrow.

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