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Download Chakki 2022 Bollywood Movie Mp4


Through the eyes of it’s protagonist, ‘chakki’ explore the trails and tribulations of a small town flour mill owner Vijay as he navigates life, love, hope, aspirations and dreams. Everything in his seemingly happy life turns upside down when he receives a hefty bill of 1.5 Lakh for his flour mill. Running around in circles to get his bill corrected, Vijay falls in a literal endless loop a.k.a ‘chakki’ of the quintessential government inefficacy. Completely unsympathetic and parasitic officials trying to squeeze him for any kind of money, inept bureaucracy and systematic apathy leads him to take a desperate but illegal step which ultimately lands him in an even bigger legal trouble, jeopardizing his family’s status and love life.

Download Chakki 2022 Bollywood Movie Mp4

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