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How to Meet People in Chicago Without Online Dating Sites or Apps

Even sitting in the hotel drawing room could lead to a chance encounter. The hotel has seven meeting spaces, and you’ll often find successful men hanging around after a conference. If you don’t feel comfortable going to singles events, just go to any networking events which are about topics you are interested in. They are packed with Chicago singles who don’t want to “identify” as single by going to “singles only” events. If you’re not into the loud nightclub scene, there are plenty of good bars for singles in Chicago.

Yes, this is a pizza restaurant in the West Loop. But on weekends it happens to be full of crowds who are way more interested in drinking and meeting people than eating. And because it has two huge outdoor areas , you won’t have to compete to get a seat outside. You might, however, get a tray of shots spilled on you. Dating apps are sort of like scratch-off tickets that only cost a dollar.

Chicago Singles

Ask them what they find most fascinating about life these days. You never know, they might lead you somewhere, either to a friendship or a connection or a book club or a trivia night you could get in on. The Map Room is a casual bar in Bucktown. The space feels like a typical old-school Chicago bar, the bartenders are friendly, and there are maps on the walls. While those things might not make it seem like a good spot for meeting people, it’s usually full without being insanely crowded, and the people who go are relatively normal and nice.

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